Zone Sterilizers

Basic knowledge about ozone sterilizers:

Ozone has already proven to be highly effective in killing fungi, molds, bacteria, and inactivating viruses that are on the surfaces or suspended in the air. And an ozone sterilizer is designed to harness the unique power of ozone – by applying electrical energy to the oxygen molecule, a massive amount of ozone can be formed inside the sterilizer instantly. This capability is particularly suitable for sterilizing all kinds of delicate medical devices that are not able to withstand the high temperature and the high humidity of pressurized steam (autoclaving).

In fact, ozone can be harmful on its own. It is toxic, flammable, and corrosive. So make sure to use it with caution. Anyway, as long as an ozone sterilizer can be used as instructed, it can still be safely used; currently, ozone sterilizers are widely used for disinfection of healthcare devices.

For a lot of patients who have respiratory disorders, keeping their CPAP equipment is essential for their health. They are highly concerned about how to properly clean CPAP machines; why? If a CPAP machine is contaminated or improperly cleaned, that may cause respiratory infections, sinus infections, and even certain allergic reactions in users. And when they just wash their CPAP machines by hand with water and soap, a complete disinfection effect can hardly be achieved. So they opt for UV or ozone CPAP cleaners (UVC radiation is also widely recognized for its harmful effects on human health); surely, they are both highly effective in sanitizing and disinfecting CPAP machines. But compared with UV CPAP cleaners, ozone CPAP cleaners are more portable due to their relatively compact size.
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Zone Sterilizers
Zone Sterilizers
Zone Sterilizers
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